About What is NRS?

What is NRS?

What is the National Relay Service?

The National Relay Service is an Australian Government initiative funded by a levy from eligible telecommunications carriers.

The NRS consists of:

  • a Relay Service provider which runs the call centre where relay officers rely your calls to other people, and
  • an Outreach Service provider which runs the outreach service to provide support and information about the use of the NRS.

The NRS has a large call centre in Brisbane where calls are relayed from and to anywhere in Australia. There are approximately 120 staff who work different shifts to keep the relay service available 24 hours per days, every day of the year.

The relay officers relay each call and stay on the line to ensure the call goes smoothly.

Relay service options include:

  • Internet Relay
  • Captioned Relay
  • SMS Relay
  • Video Relay
  • Type and Read
  • Speak and Read
  • Type and Listen
  • Speak and Listen
  • 106/000 Emergency services access

Source: National Relay Service